Monday, October 3, 2011

2011.10.03 Monday

Start off the week with a Dentist Appointment. WOO HOO. Not. So it actually went ok, just a standard cleaning, but still not on my list of fun activities. No cavities, nice. I still need to get my wisdom teeth removed; definitely not looking forward to that. Actually, the thought of being put under kinda scares me.

Oh and I almost died on the way to the appointment this morning. There was a light that should have been green, but I didn't notice until I was already entering the intersection. Not Cool.

Back to work, didn't get much done and then it was volleyball time. Score. Just about every day we play volleyball, I get the same thoughts about life. I mean, sure work is an important part of life, but really health should be valued more.

Home late. Watched MNF and ate a taquito dinner.

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