Tuesday, October 4, 2011

2011.10.04 Tuesday

I woke up slightly groggy, but mostly hungry. That is very unusual. I supposed I could eat something for breakfast.

Played some more volleyball over lunch. The weather was great.

Stayed at work late. My class group was planning on meeting around 6:30 to get cracking on the assignment, but just about everybody was late. We spent a good portion of the evening working on it.

I ended up leaving just before everything was finished. A good friend from college, also a roommate for most of my years, Rudy, was in town. We met up at Mozart's to chat and catch up on life. Good to see him, and good to hear things are going well for him. The part that shocked me the most was that his sister is currently a senior in high school... so she will be going to college soon. Dang. That tidbit of information definitely makes me feel a bit older.

Home late. Snooze.

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