Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2011.10.12 Wednesday - Midterm

Work as usual. Volleyball for lunch.

Today's class is the midterm. Crazy that this is the midway point through the class. I feel like I haven't really soaked up much information to be tested over.

Post-work/-class, stopped by the hotel to visit Kelc while she worked. A few ideas were tossed around, then I left.

Once home, I did my workout and went for a decent run. Felt great outside.

Decided to go ahead and cook dinner for Kelc. Chicken, couscous and green beans. Dinner of champions. It ended up taking longer than expected, and packing stuff up for to-go is a hassle, but I made it work. Met up with Kelc and enjoyed some grub.

Back home, cleaned up and prepared for bed.

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