Monday, October 17, 2011

2011.10.16 Sunday - BCS

What an interesting night that was. Cooked up some eggs in the morning and ray made some kickass coffee.

Around mid day, we went over to the nearby park to meet up with the team for some kickball practice. I did some stretching and put on my cleats, and ran around like a crazy man. Nobody else from the team showed up, so it became just a for-fun day at the park.

Back at the house, then off to HEB to pick up goods for the evening.

We got things cooking and then set up for our ceremony. We had music and incense and candles to set the mood. I don't consider myself that great at meditation, but I think it went ok. I had a few visions that had pretty obvious meanings, but also saw things that I couldn't decipher.

Dinner had finished cooking in the meantime. Delicious chili from a seemingly simple recipe by Marisa.

Wrapped up, packed up and shipped out.

Home late, and tired.

Drive home

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