Sunday, September 18, 2011

2011.09.18 Sunday - ACL

Super tired, again. Also late getting onto the road again, but it's ok because there aren't many things we wanted to see today.

Here's what we did see:
- The Head And The Heart (tail end)
- The Airborne Toxic Event
- Awolnation
- Broken Social Scene

Then Kelc wasn't feeling too well, and I didn't have any shows that I really felt like I had to see, so we called it a weekend there.

Went home, cleaned up, hydrated and ate some food. Finally able to relax my feet some.

I joined Taylor and Habs in watching a recording of the UT game, then went out for ice cream. I think the guy scooping my ice cream was into me. Flattering, but ...thanks?

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