Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2011.09.06 Tuesday (Fire Scare)

Today started off on a weird foot. It's hard to really think about work when other coworkers are displaced from their homes whilst being destroyed.

I had a small lunch and wasn't able to play volleyball because I had forgotten to bring my gear.

After lunch I had stopped by to chat with a coworker, and I received a phone call from Justin saying there was a new fire relatively close to the house, so I may need to be ready to go at any moment. Not but 10 minutes later he called back saying that it was looking pretty bad, so I should head home.


On the drive home we could see a big column of black smoke billowing into the sky. Roads we normally take to the house were blocked off by various emergency vehicles. Luckily we were able to use some back roads to get into the development. Things were definitely getting intense. Some neighbors were just watching from their driveways, some were leaving. I decided to pack up what I consider to be important, just in case we need to evacuate.

Once I had all the high-priority stuff packed up, the smoke was getting more grey in color, but also getting heavier. I think at this point the fire department had put a majority of the fire out, but things were still smoldering. It wasn't until about 5p when fire trucks started leaving.

As things started cooling off, I didn't really know what to do with myself. Oddly enough, part of me wanted to see everything that I left go up in flames. Obviously I was already ok with the loss. Now I'm just surrounded by stuff that I considered forever gone.

Travis came over later on. I hung out with him a bit. Cooked up a dinner of pearled couscous. Hooked my computer back up and played some Just Cause 2 to try and calm down / get my mind off everything. I also waited until late in the evening to unpack my car. The weather has been getting cool in the evenings/mornings. Feeling pretty good about that.

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