Monday, September 12, 2011

2011.09.11 Sunday

Woke up with a headache. Quickly remembered why I don't enjoy beer as much anymore.

Once I turned on the TV, it became obvious what today is. Ten years ago? Doesn't feel like that long ago.

Met up with Kelc and family and friends at Plucker's to watch the Steelers game. So I had given my order to the waitress, she repeated back the order completely correct. 10 wings, all flappers, half spicy lemon pepper, half spicy ranch, side of chips -- rung up as a 5-wing combo plus 5 free wings (thanks UT). When I received my order, the ranch didn't look spicy and the wings were not all flappers, so I said something since it would be an extra charge for something I didn't get. Somehow the server though I said the lemon pepper flavor was wrong, so she brought out 5 flappers of some "new" lemon pepper flavor. So now I have a cluster-f of food.

Steelers didn't do so well. But I ended up getting my meal for free. I don't understand that still.

Met up with Mark after lunch. Gifted my leftover wings to him, then went to Costco for some goodies. I picked up 6 lbs of edamame, huge bag of pita chips, huge box of ramen bowls, and a box of chef boyardee ravioli. Sweetness.

Home. More JC2 and NFL. Good times.

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