Friday, September 2, 2011

2011.08.31 Wednesday

Can't say that I was very enthusiastic about today, but I marched forward.

The volleyball gang got together for a few games today.  It felt like it had been a while.  Instead of just scrounging up enough to play (4), we had a whopping 6 players playing.  This made the volleys last quite a bit longer, and for more crazy potential.  Love it.

I had to cut the work day short to attend the first of 15 weeks of class.  I am now taking a Software Architecture Concepts course with a few other employees.  It sounds like fun.  Maybe it will spawn some new ideas, and I can make some money by programming in my free time.  Probably won't...

Arrived at home on the later side of things again.  My goal for the evening is to go grocery shopping.  I expected to do that yesterday, but things changed.  I spent some time goofing around on the computer, then headed out to HEB.  While there, I made a realization: every HEB that I have shopped at for long periods of time has done some sort of remodeling.  I know that cannot possibly be cheap.  They must be making some good money.

Home, sleep.

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