Monday, September 12, 2011

2011.09.10 Saturday (UT vs BYU)

Enjoyed sleeping in today. It was actually rather difficult getting out of bed. I guess my body just knew it had to recuperate from the last few weeks of exhaustion.

Ate a healthy breakfast of yogurt, granola bar and fruit juice. Played Just Cause 2 for a good portion of the day, while listening to college football in the background.

Sometime in the afternoon, I went over to my parent's house to meet up. My brother and his lady got tickets through work, and my dad and sister had season tickets (with my sister unable to go) so I took her place.

Lucky for me, the seats faced the sun while it was setting. The game was pretty good. Some good parts, some not so good. I felt bad that the entire stadium was boo'ing Gilbert. I guess one enough mistakes are made, it's a downward spiral. Even still, it is rough seeing our own fans doing that to a player.

Anyways, we ended up pulling through with a 17-16 win. Not bad. That means free plucker's wings, and free chik-fil-a. Can't pass that up.

Went out to whataburger for a late dinner, then back home.

Back at the house, a gathering had already commenced. What is a soiree? I have no idea. People were hanging out and enjoying some Dos Equis. I played some flip cup. Overall a good ending for the day.

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