Monday, March 28, 2011

2011.03.28 Monday

Woke up at 3a to start the cool-down procedure for the beef pot-roast. That was fun.

Woke up at 6a for work. Definitely did not get enough rest this weekend. At least work went by sorta fast. I stayed late with Habs to work on homework and go to our flag football game. I didn't get very far with the homework.

Our game went rather well. I think we started off with an interception which led to a drive for a touchdown. Then we let the other team score a little. Right before half-time, one of our teammates was elbowed right above their eye, and within about 10 seconds it was swelling up. Not cool. We put some ice on it and gave her some advil; hopefully the swelling goes down. After all is said and done, we came out on top with a score of 49-8. Not bad.

Back home, worked on homework at much as possible, then slept.

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