Thursday, March 24, 2011

2011.03.24 Thursday

More sleep doesn't always equate to less groggy. What's the deal?

I churned through a lot of work today, mostly just compilation of data. Nothing terribly exciting. But on the lighter side of things, I had lots of brownies at work. They were leftovers from some event.

After work I took care of some things around the house. Notably, I did some weed hunting in the backyard, then watered my sprouts, then went skateboarding. Just about a week since I last went, and my feet already feel like they lost some ability. Did a little bit of cooling down after skateboard... by playing Left 4 Dead 2. They released a new level under "beta". Seems like nobody knows what they are doing anymore.

I decided to tidy up the house a bit in preparation for the party this weekend. It seems like people aren't really rsvp'ing on facebook, so we could have 20 people, or 100 people. Cool. That should be easy to plan for, right?

Went out to dinner with Kelc to Jason's Deli. Went home, had fun and watched another episode of Smallville. I actually remember watching this episode with Rudy back when I lived in the dorms. At the time I had only seen through half of season 4, so it was a bit of a leap into the future. Anyways it was a rather big event, lots of advertisements on the "WB" for it.

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