Monday, March 28, 2011

2011.03.27 Sunday

Well at first glance it might seem that sleeping-in until 10am is nice, but after staying up through 5am it seems like hardly enough sleep.

Kelc and I left to go grab some food at Schlotzsky's. We waited a bit for her mom to show up, then left to go see some apartments around Austin. The main idea here is to see the pricing, and what that actually gets you in various locations. Some places were nice, some really nice, some only somewhat nice. It helps that we weren't scavenging out too far from where I already live. One thing is certain: living in a spankin' new house is skewing my tastes and opinions of other living options.

Made a quick stop by Starbuck's, then HEB for groceries. Lots of delicious food being acquired.

Back home, watched some Smallville and played L4D2 while Kelc napped. Prepared a beef pot roast to supplement eating for this week, then cooked up some tilapia, potatoes, and couscous. YEAH, I ATE A FISH. Part of it was discolored brown after cooking, and I guess I haven't eaten enough fish to know this, but that part was very fishy tasting.

Watched another Smallville. Now we only have 4 or 5 more left of season 6.

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