Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2011.03.01 Tuesday

Today had some more excitement to it. Kelc is experiencing the joy of waking up for work super early.

Then class hit. I don't know what it was, but the energy took a nose-dive. Just about everybody in class was near snooze. The professor even skipped over a chunk of material to get the class over with faster. At least we had super meat pizza and jalapeƱo +bacon pizza.

After work, played games and helped Justin hang up a dart board. This seems like an easy task, and even he said he was expecting it to be a day-project, but looks are deceiving. Speaking of looks, that's probably where most of the time was spent. I'd have to say it's a job well done. *raise pint glass*

A gaggle of friends expressed interest in a evening outing to Ihop, so I joined in. Didn't even realize it was free pancake day. We also lucked out and had one of the best waiters I've ever had at Ihop.

Home, (almost instantly) sleep.

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