Monday, February 28, 2011

2011.02.26 Saturday

The sleep paid off. Spent some time just waking up and soaking in the relaxation some.

Went to the mall to pick up a few things for both Kelc and myself. Then I went over to Twin Liquors to pick up a gift for my sister. Normally I would get something like a bottle of liquor or something since my sister likes to party, but I'm going to push a little class instead. I picked up some El Guapo wine, a peculiar blend, and some cheese to go with it.

Kelc and I parted ways. I went home to work on homework, she went to *drum roll please* work! Very exciting times.

Mid-evening, Habs recieves a phone call saying the internet at the hotel is down. I hop along for a fun ride over to the hotel to see if I could help. Supposedly their IT department is pretty terrible about responsiveness. We walked around a few rooms, and one thing looked like the LEDs weren't blinking like normal network activity. A simple power cycle and the internet was working again. What device was it? No idea. What kind of internet service is it? Maybe DSL, but no idea. The whole network closet was rather disorganized.

Kelc got off of work early because things started getting slow. We watched another Smallville. Bedtime.

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