Monday, February 14, 2011

2011.02.13 Sunday

Woke up late. Sleeping in went well. I spent the morning taking care of a few last-minute errands for Vday. I went over to FedEx Kinkos on Parmer. Unfortunately their system was having a hard time, so I waited around for 20 minutes or so, tried using some of their self-service terminals, but really just needed a person to help me. So I left. Went over to another FedEx Kinkos that had plenty of staff and a running computer system. They were able to help me within minutes. Then I met up with Kelc.

She was strategically located at Momiji Hibachi and Sushi with family and friends. I just happened to be in the area, so I joined in on their fun. After the meal, I decided I really wanted a shake. Here is why I was stressed out for half of Sunday.

First stop, Sonic. America's drive-in. I spent about 5-6 minutes waiting at one of the car slots (pushed the button twice) and received no response. I thought that maybe this spot was broken, and might have better luck with the drive-thru since other people seemed to be getting served. I spent another 5-6 minutes waiting at the drive-thru and still didn't receive a response. Thats enough waiting, going elsewhere...
As much as I dislike about McDonald's for being fake with everything, I figured they know how to run a business. I mean, they are open most hours of the day, and strive to serve people as fast as possible. So I wait in a 3-car line at the drive-thru to get a shake. By the time I get to the intercom, the service associate on the other end says "sorry, we are out of shakes and ice cream products". That leaves me in a shock. First off, I cannot believe they are out of a menu item. That is uncommon for McD's. Secondly, how is a shake not included in their "ice cream" category of food? *gasp*
Next, I figured that if a business couldn't fulfill my desire for a shake, I might as well do it myself. I drove across the street to HEB. I spent about 5 minutes trying to just drive across the parking lot. There were ZERO spots available, and everybody would follow people with their shopping carts to try and get a spot. Once I made my way across the parking lot, I continued onwards to Target. Surely they will be less busy and have what I need.
Parking and getting in to Target was relatively easy. Unfortunately the ice cream is on the opposite side from the entrance, so I had to walk the length of the building. Grabbed something that looked decent (Blue Bell was 7 bucks for a half-gallon) and headed for the checkout. I couldn't tell if people were giving me looks, but I was walking rather swiftly past them. At the checkout, I was behind a young lady, and two older ladies. Well guess what, both of the older ladies paid by check. I didn't think they were that old. By the time the girl in front of me was getting attended to, another cashier came up to me saying they were available to help me out. A sparkling moment of generosity in a monumental stack of failures. Maybe things will turn around from here.
Grabbed my goods, pulled out of the parking spot and was about to turn on to the main path of the lot... and was stopped by another older lady driving a convertible, but she was really sitting in the middle of the road. Eventually she put it in reverse and went some random way through the parking lot. Unpredictable driving is just begging for wrecks. Made my way through the HEB parking lot again, and right as I get to 620 to leave, a huge pack of cars recently released from a red light heads my way. Icing on the cake really.

At Kelc's, we spent a few minutes exchanging some Vday stuff, then watched The Social Network. Interesting movie. I didn't feel like the music was very intrusive on the story, just nice ambiance. I still haven't formed a solid opinion about the movie, but as typical Andy-style, I don't think it was that great, just interesting. I also don't like how Jesse Eisenberg has one style of acting.

Watched the tail end of Cyrus after that, just trying to finish what Kelc and her mom started. I barely remember seeing previews for this movie, but it's exactly how I imagined it would be. Awkward.

After the movies, we played around with Kelc's new hd-dvr box from time warner cable. Seems like some channels have a hard time coming through, but the emptiness on the hard drive allows the box to be really responsive.

Dinner time. Kelc and I went to Applebee's. The usual. We met a high school friend who talked to us about various bands and things he has kept up with.

Went home, colored with some crayons. Bedtime.

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