Thursday, August 12, 2010

2010.08.12 Thursday

Back to the grind. Whopping 4 hours of sleep.

By mid day, something didn't seem right. Went to the bathroom at work and looked at my throat. Whoa buddy, my tonsils are swollen and the back of my throat is kinda bloody looking. Fannnnntastic.

So yeah, pretty much coming down with some type of sickness. It is, in a way, pretty funny because I remember thinking before the Vegas trip that statistically speaking, a lot of people get sick either on vacation, or upon returning from vacation. It has something to do with being in new environments, and changing up daily routines and weakening the body's immune system. Cool. Also interesting to think that my mind just thought I was going to get sick, so it made myself get sick. Woah.

Played a bit of Ace combat, and managed to chomp through some food that was very painful to swallow. I can defintely feel the sickness reaching my brain now. You know that cloudy mind feeling? Makes me want to sleep. So I took a nap, then couldn't sleep when I really wanted to.

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