Thursday, August 11, 2011

2011.08.11 Thursday

What's this? Cloudy skies. What is going on?! Oh wait, they are leaving and not depositing any liquids upon us.

Worked a long and productive day. Managed to get some volunteer work too.

Arrived at home late. Changed into more normal clothes, then headed outside to take care of my plants. I decided to put an end to the in-ground okra plant. It was growing more okra than I wished to consume, and was getting big. Also, it's not like I can pack it up and move it anywhere. Then I took some time and carefully cut away the dying parts of the tomato plant. Tedious. Then I mixed up the old cilantro pot and hopefully will get some new sprouts of cilantro to eat. Then I pulled some basil seed pods and started crushing those up to get the seeds. Free seeds! I also started investigating the cayenne pepper plant; getting some nice growth there.

Back inside, I cleaned up the kitchen some and cooked up some oatmeal.

Surfed the internet for a bit, then went to bed.

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