Tuesday, August 9, 2011

2011.08.09 Tuesday

The London riots continue today. There have been reports of businesses completely burned to the ground. During my morning listen to radio news, it seems that reporters are saying the rioters are teenagers, using cell phones and new technology to organize their destructive activities. The problem I have with saying this is that I bet while the majority of rioters might be young adults or teenagers, that doesn't exclude other age groups. That kind of statement only creates divisions in society. It seems like the intelligent thing to do is address the reason they are rioting. Maybe that is easier said than done. The entire situation makes me sad.

Back to work. Took a slightly longer lunch break and went to Ichiban for a going-away lunch. On the way back, we listened to a Sappy Songs mix cd. That was interesting.

Stayed late at work. Went home... didn't do much... then napped. Napped until late. Woke up, rehydrated, ate some leftovers, then back to sleep.

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