Monday, April 25, 2011

2011.04.25 Monday

My ankle is feeling better, but supposedly I'll be playing flag football this evening. Interesting...

Work went by slower than usual. Had a hard time really getting into the grove of things again. Stayed at work a little late to head straight to the fields.

I tried my best to play some flag football, but I really couldn't push myself because my ankle is still healing. We started off the game strong with an interception that led to a touchdown...

So yeah we lost in the first round of playoffs, but hey we made it into playoffs. Summer is definitely not the best time to be playing football. One thing that I would have to say bugged me was how competitive other teams were acting. I mean, this is supposed to be "Super Social", and they were calling audibles and had playbooks. Let me pull up a quote from the Austin SSC website:

"Two divisions- social (for players with football skills) and super social (for players with limited football skills / recreational league)."

"Any player in the super social league who is determined a social player by the Austin SSC must switch divisions or will not be allowed to participate that season and will have their league fee credited towards a future season. If more than one player fits in the category, the Austin SSC has the option to move the team to the social division."

I feel like if you are pulling out playbooks and audibles, that's crossing a line into "players with football skills".

Hopefully my ankle heals up quickly so I can get back to the skatepark. Also thinking about doing some kickball over the summer. Less intense when the heat gets up there.

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