Wednesday, April 20, 2011

2011.04.20 Wednesday

This week is going downhill fast. My energy levels are in steady decline.

Work was full of frustration. The task I'm working on just wasn't working today. Then I ran out of music to listen to. At least I had a ice cream cone for lunch.

Once home I went out for some skateboarding to unwind. Kickflips just aren't happening for some reason, but heelflips are getting there. I can heelflip really low, but I want height. I'm finding it hard to catch the board in the air before setting back down. Oh and on a funny note: My board went down a storm drain, so I had to pop off the cover and climb in. Fun.

Listened to an episode of RadioLab with Kelc. She was skeptic at first, but I think she might like it. We listened to the episode titled "Lost and Found"; very interesting stories indeed.

Cooked up a late dinner: Tilapia and couscous. I ate fish?

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