Sunday, April 10, 2011

2011.04.09 Saturday

Once I got out of bed, I made an executive decision to go to Shipley's Do-Nuts, and grab some doughnuts. They were delicious and fresh, and surprisingly close by. Thanks Shipley for following me from Houston.

I played some games, then went to Barton Creek Mall with a friend to check out the CCS skate shop. Yeah that's right, the CCS skate catalog that everybody used to worship... now has a store in the mall. (Actually it has probably been there for a while now, I'm just slow at finding out this stuff.) So now you can order the same awesome gear without paying for the shipping. Grabbed a quick bite at chik-fil-a for lunchies. Lots of cuties around the mall checking out my friend.

Afternoon, met up with Ray and Marisa and family at the Brushy Creek Skatepark. We rolled around in the hot Texas sun, intimidated by kids who were clearly better than myself. The only thing I had up on them was my monster bunny-hop ollie.

Met up with Kelc's friends at the CP tennis courts to play Vennis. It was rather sunny and windy still, so the game was a tad more difficult than normal. I was dehydrated so I proposed a trip to Sonic for drinks. After drinking a large volume of sugary liquid, I felt pretty terrible. Then our group went to Wonko's to pick up an expansion pack to Catan to allow more people to play. I'd have to say Wonko's is a rather interesting place to shop.

Met up with Taylor, Ray and Marisa at Torchy's Tacos. I was still feeling pretty crappy from that Sonic slush, so I just ate a chips and queso.

After that, we went over to Anderson Mill Tavern to play some pool and hang out, listen to live music and whatnot. The band playing was rather talented, but I'm pretty sure they were playing louder than what is allowed for an indoor venue. My ears were almost bleeding.

Home early for Kelc, sleep.


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