Wednesday, July 21, 2010

2010.07.21 Wednesday

Curveball. Going to the dentist this morning. Awesome. My last experience was so great that I might as well go every 6 months to keep it up. They managed to tear up my gums pretty well this time (and every other time I go). I don't see why they think everybody has the exact same mouth as others. Some people have sensitive gums, some people have sensitive teeth, some people have "wisdom" teeth. Treatment of every mouth shouldn't be the same, but yet my gums are always too soft or weak, thus they bleed all over the place, and hurt for a few days after an appointment. The only thing the dentist does that I appreciate is the x-ray. I can't see intricate bone structures, so that's pretty awesome. What is not awesome... gagging on the apparatus that you have to keep in your mouth to take an x-ray.

Made my way back home to get dressed and get things for work. Checked a few internet sites that I normally check daily, for deals and whatnot. Turns out the ONE DAY I don't check the sites early in the morning, is the day that they have a deal on a USB flash drive... free after rebate. UGH MR. CRENTIST, UGH.

Work flew by pretty fast. Next up, kickball game. And... dang. Another loss. This team only had 3 girls too, meaning they took an out every time there should have been the fourth girl. Bummer.

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Kelcey said...

"I don't see why they think everybody has they exact same mouth as others."