Friday, July 2, 2010

2010.07.02 Friday

For those of you with blogs of your own, you may have noticed that blogger is starting to make some changes. Both good and bad, of course. Bad that I'm now slightly slower at posting, but good in that the interface has more features. Time was never really an issue anyways, so for you this will seem like normal.

Also was able to see some statistics about my viewers around the globe... or lack thereof. Tell all your friends!!! LOL just kidding around. Do people really want to hear me rant about things, talk nonsense, or just blabber on about boring life? A handful do. Maybe some lurkers too.

Work went by pretty quickly. Lots of people are taking off early to get a start on their weekends. Don't really blame them.

I ended up passing out once I got home. Everybody else went off to grab drinks at the bar while I fell asleep to some Science Channel show about building stuff. I'm so cool.

Eventually woke up and made myself some dinner. Friends came over and games were played. Can't really argue with that.

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