Monday, July 19, 2010

2010.07.17 Saturday

Today is Kevin's b-day. Happy b-day Kevin.

What better day than today for some bacon. Mmm. That took up a chunk of the morning.

I convinced Kelc to help me find the last 4 gold skultulas for Zelda 64: OoT. Felt pretty good to get those last few. Spent another hour or so beating the final boss, then watching the credits. Now I can say that I finished the game roughly 100%. The only things I didn't do were some quiver upgrades, because my joystick was limiting me. Also, not terribly important to hold 40 arrows instead of 30. DONE. *fills in check box*

Grabbed dinner at Jason's Deli. Kelc and I had the exact same thing we do every time. The only reason I get the sandwich I do is because she gets the one that I originally want to get, and we can't get the same thing, that just looks weird. I also don't really go to Jason's Deli without her. Not high on my restaurant choice list.

Hung out with Habs and Tay for the evening. Smoked some hookah (new flavor, Summer Melons, or is it Summer's Melons), watched some Mean Girls, played Apples To Apples, and drank jolly rancher vodka and ate bacon popcorn... all at the SAME TIME. What? YEAH!

Then, bed.


Kelcey said...

did you mean to leave the activity list at the bottom?

AndySk8inMan said...

I think that was a copy paste error. I shall remove it.