Monday, July 26, 2010

2010.07.25 Sunday - South Padre

Breakfast at the Palms. Great place, looks out at the ocean, fresh food.

Today is mostly a shopping day. Had Italian Ice Cream. Went to the convention center for art exhibits. Some very cool artwork down there. Surprisingly, not many artists have websites. Seems silly to me since you can reach more people that way.

Drove to the north end of the island. It's surprising how quickly the shops die out, and there is nothing but sand dunes and a dinky 2-lane road.

Back at the hotel, went down to the beach. Built a sandcastle finally. Kelc and Nathan and I made a huge pile, then carved out a pyramid structure. It actually turned out pretty good.

Pirates Landing for dinner. They must have been understaffed or something because it took forever to get a table and get food.

Made drinks to try and finish up the alcohol. Watched Miss Congeniality II. Are those two things related? Maybe.

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