Friday, November 20, 2009

2009.11.18 Wednesday

Today I feel like I can relax a little before the wedding stuff picks up.

Work came and went. It's weird that the system we use to track time just completely messed up my time card. They have been doing lots of changes to the system, but they didn't consider that maybe possibly someway it could be the computer's fault. Going to have a delayed paycheck now.

After work, Hasbro and I started moving the junk around upstairs to set up a jam area. The plan is to eventually get a drum set in there too somehow. JEw Hasbro and I went to guitar center, mostly for Hasbro, but I started looking at guitars. I may have to splurge in the near future on my x-mas present here.

Set up the system and had a jam session. My ears are sufficiently obliterated for the night.

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