Wednesday, November 4, 2009

2009.11.04 Wednesday

Meetings, meetings, oh and some more meetings. Must be a Wednesday.

Lunch consisted of leftover pizza and some nuts. NUTS. Nuts all up in my grill. Mixed nuts to be exact. Nuts from all over the world, all up in my grill.

I stayed at work late because my kickball game was at 18:30. Well, it should have been at 18:30. We didn't have enough players to play our very last season game, so we just played a exhibition game for fun. Chad game over from Kiss-Myanthia to increase our numbers, ended up being a pretty awesome player. Later the rest of our team showed up (minus a few that knew they couldn't make anything tonight). So the playoffs were underway, we only had 8 people and just lost (by default) our last season game. Since a normal team would have about 10 players playing on the field, we had a big handicap to overcome. We also were playing the #1 team who has been undefeated for a few seasons now... so yeah. Final score, 3-9 so not a complete domination.

Went out to Doc's afterwards. Wasn't really planning on that since I've been exhausted most of the week, but this is the last opportunity to get the drink specials, and who knows if I'll see some of these people ever again. Sad but we made the most of it.

Went home, ate some protein and carbs, showered and then was quickly comatose in bed.

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