Friday, November 6, 2009

2009.11.06 Friday

Wrapping up the week. *major yawn*

Went to the gym and did some chest/tricep/abs/legs/deltoids. Good stuff. Results are coming through and I think I like it.

Got home and cooked up mac and cheese for dinner. Then Travis and I headed to meet Kelc and Linds at the Cedar Park vs Leander final season game. Both teams are going to the playoffs and I wish them both good luck. Cedar Park pulled through and won the game, so they will get a better seed. Number 12, Hogan, was a pretty amazing, he could break through and run far, but he never passed.

After the game, the awesome parking spot I had let us beat a lot of the traffic. I only had to drive my car down a sidewalk to get to and from that spot. Went to Sonic for some grub. Then I went over to Kelc's to watch some of Gran Turino and get some sleep.

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