Thursday, November 5, 2009

2009.11.05 Thursday

Woke up fresh and early today to take Hasbro to the airport. He's heading off to the big apple. Sounds like crazy fun; I hope everything goes well and he gets to do all the things on his list.

What do I get to do instead of going to NYC? Go to work. Yesss. It's clear who the winner is here.

Work was mostly bland. For lunch I went out with some coworkers to celebrate Scott's birthday. It's a shame that he was let go.

Went home, mostly quiet around there. Cleaned up a little in the kitchen area, took care of maverick, and did my laundry. Dinner was pretty large, ate some broccoli, popcorn chicken, orange juice, sparkling water, popcorn, pb&j sandwich, pretzels, and a pickle. I think I still need to increase my caloric intake.

Watched some tv and played around with the computer. Seems to be a continuing trend.

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