Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2009.11.17 Tuesday

Funny how sometimes things are so messed up at work, and you would think the obvious answer would be how things are normally done. Well, that's usually not how it is. Lots of gudge in this business, and people are reluctant to let go of it.

Went to the gym and did lots of random workouts to change it up a bit. Afterwards, work was celebrating a tailgate day, so lots of teams brought food and raised money for charity. Yum. I had a queso that hit the exact spicy note that I like. Only sampled it about 5 times.

Went to a meeting today. Pretty much fell asleep for it. It was mostly a pep-talk about changing how the business works.

At home, I finished up some electronic tracking. Hopefully that materializes into a song.

Still working on my toast...

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