Wednesday, November 11, 2009

2009.11.11 Wednesday

Well this hump day is different. All my meetings were either canceled or moved to another day.

I also have a dentist appointment, ugh.

Left work early to get to the dentist, felt pretty good that I was getting this taken care of.

Well, that feeling quickly faded when they criticized me. First off, I've been doing a helluva better job with flossing. 99% of the population doesnt care about that crap and here I am doing the right thing. THEN, they tell me my teeth are relatively clean, but my gums bleed too much. STOP STABBING ME and maybe I'll stop bleeding. And anyways, if my teeth are clean, and i dont have gingivitis, who cares? My gums are just more sensitive and softer than others. PEOPLE CAN BE DIFFERENT. Oh and then they tell me I need to come in again to take care of 3 cavities. That's right, THREE. Well I asked them to show me the problem areas on the xrays, and they are just preliminary weak spots, no cavitation at all. I think they are just trying to take my money, or hating on me for not coming in often enough. Jerk faces.

Went to bed with the ability to still spit blood from my 'routine cleaning'. Mouth soreness blows.

I did manage to distract myself by working on music, and I made some fantastic stuff, although still in the preliminary stages.

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