Monday, April 27, 2015

2015 Week 13 (22-28)

Worked on homework.

Work, and finished up some homework

At this point in the work week I realized why my hours seemed so low... because I totally wasn't here on Friday.  I tried compensating by extending my work days a bit.

Long work day, no trivia for me.

Worked a really long day, glad to put a bow on the end of this week.

Glad to have a day off.  Got a haircut and did various chore things around the house.

Pulled some weeds in the backyard, then decided to do some oil changes on the mowers and bag the rest of the growth.  Ended up mowing the whole yard and crunching through leaves.

Went to Baskin & Robins for dessert.  Watched some Arrested Development, then bed.

Went for a bike ride with Kelc to try out biking to work.  It went...okay.  Saw Ryan on the way back, HEY RYAN.  Hadn't seen him in such a long time, good to know he is doing alright.  Chatted with my neighbor for a bit too.  Good to know he is alright as well.

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