Monday, April 27, 2015

2015 Week 9 (22-28)

Brunch with family, worked on hw most of the day

Work, finished up hw, taco bell, home late

Had to wrap up the pipes outside since we are hitting freezing temps again.  Played a bit of L4D2 before going to bed.

Work.  Grocery store, goober suprised me there.
Cooked veggies and played a game with Kelc, then bedtime.

Work.  Actually went to trivia, did mediocre.
Ate a few leftovers, then played a little, then bed.

Woke up with a grumpy tummy. In work later than usual.

Ran a few errands.

Cooked up some chicken wings and mac+cheese for dinner.  Wings didn't come out as great as I imagined, but they were still edible.

Watched some Bill Burr on Netflix

Performed a somewhat large Netflix marathon of The Office.  Took care of random stuff around the house, like putting up and ironing curtains, fixing up a cast iron pan, vacuuming.

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