Friday, June 5, 2015

2015 Week 17 (19-25)

19. Sunday
Took care of a bunch of yardwork activities.  Somehow convinced Kelc to help out a bit, and get some sun exposure.  Later I would see that I should have offered sun screen.

PDQ for late lunch

Worked on Final Exam most of the evening

20. Monday
Full day of work, then some wrap-up of a Final Exam.

21. Tuesday
Another full day of work.  Weird going home and not having a homework assignment looming over me.

22. Wednesday
Work.  Skipped trivia and went straight home.  Got some new toys in the mail.  A sort of early gift to myself for getting through another class.

23. Thursday
Wrapping up the work week.  Ended up staying a bit later than expected.

24. Friday
Did some heavy-duty cleaning of the house.
Picked up Kelc for lunch at Pei Wei.

25. Saturday
First order of business today is to get the hazardous materials stuff over to the city collection. The line was long by the time I got there, still haven't figured out how to time that.
I worked on the yard after I got home.  It was a beautiful day out so I had to take advantage of it.  I stayed mostly in the shade, trimmed up the trees and random stuff.

Went inside, ate a late lunch and watched The Dark Knight, because why not.  By the time that was over, it was late afternoon / evening.  Time for me to go at the yard with a mower.

Cleaned up and took Kelc to Schlotzsky's for dinner.

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