Monday, April 27, 2015

2015 Week 12 (15-21)

Grumpy getting up, but everybody else was already awake.
Breakfast at diner, then on the road home, tires sounding pretty worn.

Home, homework, veggie dinner, more homework.
Topped off the night with some entertainment, then bedtime.

Tire shop, then work, then homework, then home (late).

Long work day.

Long work day.

Worked a really long day, partially because I had stuff to do, and partially because I didn't want to use my vacation time tomorrow.  It is nice working at a place that has that kind of flexibility.

Did stuff around the house, packed up, then headed off to Murchison.  Lindsey and Jon are getting married today.

The drive on I-35 sucked, the other half was super smooth.

Storm is definitely rolling in.  Had to roll with plan B during the wedding.  The celebration was very similar to the previous wedding I had attended, just a bit smaller.

Woke up late, quick breakfast at the hotel, then on the road back home.  Again, traffic on I-35 sucked.

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