Monday, April 27, 2015

2015 Week 10 (01-07)

Worked on HW most of the day.  Ordered some pizza for dinner because I didn't feel like going to HEB or cooking anything

Worked long day.  Trying out a time tracker on my phone, just so I can quantify time spent on things.

Finished up HW assignment late into the evening.

Worked long day

Worked long day.  Cold front and possibility of ice coming through.  Picked up taco bell for dinner, then bed time.

Tried working from home in the morning, but had trouble connecting.

Eventually went in.  Doesn't seem terribly cold out, or icy, or wet.  Not sure what the fuss is all about, but it was enough to keep kids home.

Another work day, left late.

Home, relaxing some while I can.

Spent most of the day cleaning the house because it still smelled like smoke from the potato fire.  I think I may have to just replace the microwave altogether.  Wiped down cabinets, mopped, washed curtains, tried aroma tablets in the humidifier, and lots of airflow.

Started working on my midterm and played some L4D2 to get a break.

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