Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2012.02.21 Tuesday

Slept in a bit today, meaning I got into work a bit late.

Work seemed to drag on and on. Habs and Mark didn't come in today, so it was quite plain. I also (kinda) got locked out from a lab, so I was unable to continue working. I'll take that as a sign to go home.

Cooked up the other tilapia filet, and some delicious white cheddar and pasta. I ate the entire box (oops) and still felt unsatisfied. I would have to say that is the worst part about dealing with wisdom teeth removal, the cravings.

Decided to get a little nerdy. I pulled up a book about Version Control systems (here) and started reading. This inspired me to create a development linux box, and try creating a subversion repository from scratch.

Fell asleep to some Tosh.o

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