Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2012.02.15 Wednesday

Today I had much difficulty getting out of bed. Not that I was tired, I just couldn't find the motivation.

No lunch-time sports today. Around 11a it looked like the weather was going to be rainy and disgusting/muddy. By 12-12:30, everything was clearing up and the temperature was great. Sucks, but probably better that I worked instead of played around.

Work was something. You know that part in office space where Peter says it's like I have 4 bosses. When I do something wrong, I get to hear about it 4 times. Well I'm starting to feel like that. There are so many people involved and watching what I'm doing that I get interrupted from getting anything done. That's the part of management that I don't like: whenever something is taking longer than expected, the "solution" is to throw more people at watching the issue. Definitely won't go any faster like that.

I was late to class because of that very reason, and my chunk of lab time was obliterated. Oh well, today is my Friday.

Class was normal, except presentations took up most of the time. We had pizza again, which was delicious, but I held myself back from eating too much and ruining my evening.

Listened to some car talk on the way home. Talked a little more about the procedure, and felt a little nervous.

At home, I finished off the night with drinking water and watching tv/minecraft.

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