Sunday, February 12, 2012

2012.02.11 Saturday

Woke up early with Kelc. She had to go to work, I just happened to be ok with waking up super early.

Went to the CP Farmer's Market. I picked up some XS eggs and a ciabatta loaf

Worked on a project for Kelc. It involves valentines, metalwork, sharp edges, dangerous tools, and safety glasses. I think it turned out nicely, but I'll have to wait a few days before posting too much information.

Mark and Nadia visited. I showed them some bathrooms we were working on, and a tour of the rest of the house.

Then I took some time and cleaned my bathroom with nothing but castille soap. Turned out better than using harsh chemicals.

Played some Minecraft, then later watched Bring It On with Kelc. I wanted to do work while she watched, but I couldn't connect. I feel like brain cells were killing themselves while watching the movie.

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