Saturday, January 14, 2012

2012.01.14 Saturday - House Shopping

Started the day off with a hefty breakfast of eggs. Gotta have that protein.

First house was pretty close to Lakeline and 1431. I like the property sizes available in this area, but the roads needed updating. As an investment, I could see that property being a good choice since 1431 has been steadily growing. The house itself was a little awkward since they had performed some additions and construction on it.

Second house was very close to Milburn park. It was a more cookie-cutter, all rooms upstairs, smaller lot, tiny garage. I think the previous owners smoked, sooo probably would want to repaint and rip up the carpet.

Third house backed up to Anderson Mill Rd. This one-story had a lot of larger rooms, and a large cul-de-sac lot, but for some reason cramped the laundry room. I think the garage was even smaller than the previous house.

Later, went to the Fourth house. This one I had the highest hopes for, but unfortunately there were lots of blatant issues with the house, and the listing agent said the seller was not really negotiating. I liked the floor plan and the architecture the most in this house out of the rest, but it's over-priced.

At the very least, I'm getting closer to understanding exactly what I want, and grasping more about the areas and trends. One day, I'll be able to sit back and forget all about it.

Spent the remainder of the day playing games and trying to let everything sink in.

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