Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012.01.06 Friday

The goal for today is to wrap up everything that is left at Justin's house. Lots of little things left around, some furniture needed moving, and the carpets needed cleaning.

Back home, ate some leftover bbq. Yum. Then I half- goofed around, and half- packed up for BCS. I had to do laundry and get things unpacked to re-pack for the trip.

Drove over to Paul's place to pick him up for the carpool. His door was locked, lights out, cell phone off, and not answering anything... but his truck was there. Not sure what to do, Kelc and I decided to just go without him. Later he called saying he was passed out and exhausted from driving all around, so it wasn't a big deal that we left him.

We took the "other" way to BCS, which tip-toes on the edge of Hearne (where I have some relatives). Cool thing about Hearne: it's got a lot of trains. Uncool thing about Hearne: you get some really crazy people driving large trucks. Case in point, I was driving along the highway going the speed limit, and a truck was going slow in the right lane, but when I was about to pass them they sped up very angrily. Then they started speed-matching me, and making sure I didn't pass them. Will I get shot? Maybe, maybe not.

Nah, we arrived at BCS without incident. Listened to a good chunk of RadioLab on the way too.

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