Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011.12.31 Saturday

Hard to believe New Year's Eve is here. These days/months/years are flying by way too fast now.

Woke up at the lakehouse, spent a moment there, then headed back home.

I spent some of the early portions of the day helping my parents set up a sun house for their plants. It's made out of PVC pipe, some plastic sheeting, and some zip ties. Not too shabby.

Spent the middle portion of the day getting my computer set up, and organizing my junk.

Later on in the evening I met up with Habs and Taylor at their place. We tinkered with some outdoor lighting, chatted, played games, goofed around, etc. Didn't feel like much time had passed, and it was already just about midnight. Kelc arrived just in time to witness the 12:00 time on the clock.

Then we changed into swim attire, popped some champagne, relaxed in a hot tub and watched fireworks go off just a street or two over. Pretty awesome and relaxing way to step into the new year.

Kelc and I spent the night at her place.

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