Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012.01.07 Saturday

Woke up to the cable guy showing up for a service call hours ahead of schedule. Result: he was turned down and told to come back later. NICE.

Played some video games and sat around, watching tv for most of the earlier part of the day. Then we got ready for an HEB run to prepare for a big feast.

The big meal consisted of bison, venison, chicken drumsticks, fettuccine alfredo, spinach/pear/avocado salad, and french bread. Everything was amazing.

The guys took some time out of the evening to perform a ceremony, recognizing and focusing the collective energy we share in the world. The girls watched Toy Story 3.

Later, we played some Loaded Questions game, and consumed adult beverages until people were tired. Sleep was easy.

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