Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012.01.04 Wednesday

Woke up a little later, took a little longer getting ready, and on the road later. Traffic was about the same. I feel like I don't recognize the traffic on 183 any more, or like I don't remember having to do the drive.

Another plain day that was slow.

After work, I was summoned to go take a look at why Kelc's internet service wasn't working. I arrived, was able to connect to the router over wi-fi, so that wasn't the issue. Next, I wanted to see the status page, but that required me logging in. Luckily I guessed the router password. Then I tried seeing if the router had a dynamically assigned IP from the cable modem... and nothing. Bingo. Tried resetting the cable modem... nothing. Just continues to blink the Ready LED (instead of being solid) and dumps out an IP of which is obviously incorrect. Other than checking the cabling to the wall outlet, there wasn't much else I could do on my own, so I called up Time Warner. Their phone system makes you click through steps of resetting these devices before getting the option of talking to a person. Then when I finally got through to a person, they told me to perform the exact same steps (which I had done multiple times by this point) only to reach the same conclusion... no connection. I asked if there was a diagnostic page for the cable modem that I could read to them to help them figure out what the problem is, and they said "it does not exist".

After hanging up, I found a diagnostic page saying that the cable modem could not find the signal. TWC is silly.

Read more book. Then bed.

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