Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012.01.11 Wednesday - Balls to the Face

Had a clumsy morning with some tossing and turning, tv remotes falling, alarm clocks bashing. To top it off, it was also oddly cold.

Luckily the weather today warmed up. Over work-lunch, our group was able to get a 3v3 volleyball game together. So some of this is a bit hazy for me, but in either the first or second game, I got the ball spiked right into my face while blocking at the net. Read that as, a volleyball smacked as hard as possible went about 1 foot then my face stopped it. I remember instant pain, but I couldn't see anything. From this darkened state, I remember just focusing on putting my feet in the right place to land on the ground, then sitting down. Eventually the "lights came back on" and I could see. My face stung, and my head had a deep ache to it. After a minute or two I was back and ready to play. We played some more games, which now thinking back about it, I don't remember them all too well. Mark thinks I may have a mini-concussion. Totally worth it.

I went home. My head ached a little during the afternoon, which also flew by pretty fast. Ate some dinner, then left to the Brixton in east Austin for Arrested Development Trivia. That head injury is probably not going to help me out.

We ended up getting 6th out of 13, but our team only had 3 and others had 6, so it's almost like we got 1st.

Home, snooze.

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