Wednesday, September 22, 2010

2010.09.21 Tuesday

Long day ahead. Full day of work with a hefty to-do list, plus classes in the evening.

During class we get the pleasure of having pizza ordered in for us, since class goes right over dinner time. Unfortunately, I was not aware of how much of an impact pizza in the stomach has on skateboarding. It definitely felt like it was much harder to push my body off the ground. Also didn't help that the humidity level was an absurd 80%.

Played more Minecraft. I'm starting to wonder how dangerous this game can be. I've heard it described as electronic crack.


Unknown said...

What could be worse than an addiction to Minecraft is that we all have to hear about it.

Kelcey said...

If he didn't tell us, then this wouldn't be an accurate account of his daily activities. Duh.