Monday, September 13, 2010

2010.09.11 Saturday

Wow. Today is that day. 9 years ago... still remember sitting in Algebra 2 when my teacher turned on the TV to some horrific news, then sat in Chemistry when the announcement was made of what had happened.. and the longest moment of silence I've ever experienced. And then after school I remember having to go to band practice... heartless band directors. Oh well, we won state that year.

Went out to lunch with Kelc to Jason's Deli.

After that, met up with my dad to help out with some things around the house. Then off to the first home UT game of the season. It is very different sitting up on the 2nd level... nobody stands unless there is something exciting happening. And my dad and I would probably the loudest people cheering in about a 10ft radius. UT won, but I think they still have room to grow.

Went to Sonic after the game, ate some food, then met up with Kelc... who happened to be another Sonic location. Spent some time with her friends, then the Cedar Park police showed up. The more you get into suburbia, the more bored the police get. And if you look like you might be young then they don't trust you at all. Were we drinking? no. Smoking? no. Destroying property? Being loud? Causing a disturbance? no. We were sitting around talking. I mean, I respect the cops for putting their lives on the line to keep everyone safe, but their time should have been used more effectively somewhere else. At least they kept it mostly professional and didn't hassle us; asked us how old we were to make sure we weren't breaking curfew, then said to "keep it down" and went on their way.

Oh and we stopped by Wendy's to get a free frosty since some dude kicked a 25 yard field goal. Thanks dude.

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