Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2010.03.30 Tuesday

Well I went to bed last night all excited and pumped up because I was going to get more sleep, and had most of my shit together. Then I woke up today just drowsy as ever. Thanks universe for destroying my enthusiasm by something as simple as sleep.

The projects I'm working on at work took a nice spin and now I have a lot less stress on my plate.

The gym was a much shorter commitment today. Half of me is pretty dang sore, so I just did some lat pull-downs, some pull-ups, rows and bicep curls. Actually I pushed myself on the biceps curls and got about 35-40 for each arm. Not Bad!

Got home... and took a nice nap. Very nice. Decided to cook up some oven pizza. There's this garlic bread digiorno's pizza that ends up having a nice herby glaze around the crust. Not only that, but the pizza is square, so it seems like you get more since you aren't paying for a square that has a circle in it.

Did some file management on my computer, and took it easy most of the evening. Seems like this week is a lot more about me getting my shit together. My music inspiration levels have been at a low lately and I don't want to force anything.

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