Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2010.03.02 Tuesday

Days seem slightly more productive (and hectic) whenever caffeine is involved.

I reached the 180-album mark in my quest. Some statistics for fun:
Album Count: 180
Total Number of Tracks Listened: 1883
Avg Number of Tracks/Album: 11.343
Avg Year Album was Released: 2001.278

This shows that I have a pretty heavy bias to newer music. Then again, older music is harder to find, or even stumble across on the radio. Please note that there is a margin of error with those statistics; I grabbed most of the data from the interwebs, and sometimes it is not correct. Also, there were albums I have that are not on any website so their data fields were blank. It's pretty interesting to have music that is rare.

Tonight was a Lost night, so I stayed in my room and explored some new artists. Later on, cooked up an awesome meal in about 20-25 minutes. Sliced some asparagus and stir fried that, chopped up some fresh broccoli, and cooked up tortellini. Dominated that kitchen.

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