Thursday, March 4, 2010

2010.03.04 Thursday

Alright ya'll. The week is wrapping up nicely. Or is it?

I had a crazy dream last night. I don't even understand what the point was. It was set in current times, so you have to imagine me as a guy with a full-time job and already done with college. Well in the dream, I signed up to go on a trip with my high school band. But then the snow/ice storm from a few weeks ago made them postpone the trip. Then I find out that they rescheduled the trip but forgot to tell me (because I don't attend high school every day) so I didn't have time to pack or even go home to get some stuff. Pissed me off hardcore. Then I think Hasbro got on the bus while listening to his CD walkman. That was the last straw, I had to wake up.

I think something is still
off with me. My appetite and energy levels are non-existent lately. At least crawfish etoufee was delicious today. That helps with the lack of appetite.

Lots of meetings, lots of fun. Work is so great.

Took care of things around the house, then went to hang out with the parents for a bit.

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